The Fashion Show

Introducing a first-of-its-kind fashion show, with start-to-finish SMA community involvement, that aims to increase disability visibility, break down stereotypes and champion adaptive fashion.

SMA community members led the program from beginning to end - conceptualizing the message, collaborating with design fellows at Open Style Lab (OSL) on garment adaptations, and walking or rolling the runway as a prelude to New York Fashion Week. Through this show, the SMA community is inviting the world to do a double-take, not because of their disabilities but because of their style and individuality, challenging the stereotype that people with disabilities want to blend in or erase their differences. Double Take also prompts the audience to see people with disabilities occupying a space that's often shut off to them.

September 2022
Ahead of New York Fashion Week

The Talent

  • James


    Actor, singer-songwriter and leading voice of SPACES
    Impassioned SMA advocate representing authenticity in media and the world

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  • Shane & Hannah

    Shane & Hannah

    Married couple, YouTubers, writers, breakers of boundaries and world travelers

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  • Sawsan


    Actress, model and disability advocate

  • Tabi


    Coder, corporate VP and volunteer Fighter for accessibility in the workplace, enabling big moves in the Big Apple
    Professional singer-songwriter using her talents to advocate for and inspire others

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  • Amber-Joi


    Mom to Céline, entrepreneur and champion of change

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  • Joe & Lexi

    Joe & Lexi

    Brother and sister duo; Joe is a computer science student and Lexi is a passionate volunteer for the SMA community and Miss New Jersey USA 2022

  • Scott


    Digital artist and designer, specializing in surrealism

  • Rachel


    Mom to Otto, caregiver and advocate for diversity, disability and representation

  • Allegra


    Creative writing student and poet using art to advocate for underserved communities

  • Kellie


    Journalism student making her voice heard through writing and fundraising for the SMA community

  • Laura


    Fashion entrepreneur and SMA community advocate