The Musical

Introducing a


SMA takes center stage with a first-of-its-kind musical written
by and starring members of the SMA community

This edgy new musical comedy, created by the SMA community, offers a light-hearted look at life with disabilities and a window into how ableism colors everyday situations.

Follow our protagonist — a high-powered fashion designer — as she navigates a meet-cute, an awkward high school reunion and a dodgy run-in with the airline industry while traveling cross-country with her wheelchair. With an eclectic ensemble cast, the production will feature show-stopping musical numbers in a comedic twist on disability like you’ve never seen before.

  • Shannon

    “I want the audience to walk away feeling like they were able to relate, because at the end of the day, we’re all just people living our lives through shared experiences.”


    Actress living with SMA

  • Joel

    “My aspiration for this show is that people are moved to advocate with us in order to make change in the real world.”


    Singer/Actor living with SMA

  • James

    “By depicting really successful, put-together people with disabilities, we’re showing that with the right support, we can achieve, even in an ableist society. ”


    Singer/Songwriter living with SMA

  • Allie

    “As a disabled person, I deal with ableism every single day. I’ve learned to laugh about it, and that’s what this play is all about, laughing at the absurdity of what we have to deal with.”


    Vocalist living with SMA